National Museums in Manila Opens Once More

National Museums in Manila Opens Once More

After nearly a year of shutting its doors to the public, the National Museum of the Philippines finally reopens, welcoming Filipinos once more.

With the new makeover done at the National Museums of fine arts, and treasures and artifacts waiting at the National Museum of Anthropology, everyone that loves art and history would marvel at the sheer magnificence of the improvement of the Museum. Traveling back in time is to die for. Albeit, with all the safety guidelines and protocols intact mandated by the government.

“Based on recent considerations with authorities regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and to ensure the health and safety of the visiting public as well as of the museum personnel, the visitor guidelines given below will be adopted immediately and come into effect starting March 2, 2021,” National Museum of the Philippines said.

“These guidelines shall be subject to amendment should circumstances regarding the pandemic, change, or otherwise as the need arises,” it added

The museum is open every Tuesday to Sundays, excluding religious holidays, with two visiting hours. Every morning from 9:00 am till 12:00 noon and afternoons from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Take in mind that there will be cutoffs for visitor arrivals at 11:00 for the morning session and 3:00 pm for the afternoon.

On the other hand, an age restriction will be implemented at the National Museum. The only people allowed to enter the building are people ranging from ages 15 to 65 years old, this includes persons with disabilities. Visitors are also required to present their ID showing their date of birth to confirm their entry.

Furthermore, digitalization plays a key role in order for the Museum to function as smoothly as possible in the new normal world. Those planning on visiting the Museum should pre-book their visit online at, a day before their visit. Afterward, they will receive a confirmed booking statement that is sent via their email.

Though only a maximum of five persons is allowed for group reservations and walk-in visitors will not be entertained admission at the museum. And the guestlist for the Museum as of now is 100 visitors per day.

Every visitor must also undergo safety procedures. That includes a temperature check. Visitors found to have temperatures above 37.5 and higher will not be allowed inside the premises. They must also submit their health declaration form that was included in the online reservation process. Observe social distancing of at least two meters. Visitors are also allowed to bring in their own safety kit, but several hand sanitizers can be found within the premises as well. Elevators are only allowed for the senior citizens and the PWDs.

On the other hand, the National Museum of the Philippines also listed down certain items that are strictly prohibited inside the museum buildings. Those include art materials other than pencils, bags larger than 33 x 43 cm, backpacks, baby backpack carriers, long umbrellas, and other bulky items. Plants, flowers, or other organic materials are also not allowed. Tripods and video cameras top the list, as well as wrapped packages like gifts and pets. Lastly, guided tours will also not be allowed.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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