PAL continues to suspend all flight to and from the UK until April

PAL continues to suspend all flight to and from the UK until April

The flag carrier Philippines Airlines (PAL) extended their suspension of all flights to and from London until April.

Starting late December, PAL started suspending all of its flights from and going to London. After the Philippine Government decided to block flights coming from the United Kingdom in fear of the new strain of the coronavirus that was said to be more infectious.

The latest advisory of PAL states that they planned to continue its suspension of flights to and from London Heathrow till the second quarter of the year taking into reconsideration the ongoing tightening of travel protocols and entry restrictions.

"We are monitoring the evolving situation in the hope of restoring London services by May 2021," PAL said. "We will make the appropriate announcements in due course as developments unfold,"

Before the announcement of the suspension, the flag carrier was flying from Manila to London and vice versa at least once a week.

On the other hand, PAL continues to provide its services in transporting the COVID-19 vaccines to different parts of the country.

Starting from March 2 to 13, PAL was able to transport a total of 345,610 vaccine doses coming from the Manila hub.

"We handle these essential goods with PAL's trademark Buong Pusong Alaga. We are privileged to work with the government in a worthy mission that aims to protect lives," PAL added.

Source: PhilStar

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