PAL to cancel more international flights

PAL to cancel more international flights

The Philippine Airlines announced that it is canceling more international flights, in spite of the revised travel ban rule, the Government stated earlier that all Filipinos abroad, whether they are an OFW or not, are now allowed to enter the country.

According to the flag carrier, it was due to the fact that all the airlines at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport will only receive a maximum of 1,500 passengers coming from international flights, starting from March 18, at 8:00 am till April 19 at 8:00 am.

The placed restrictions are part of the authorities' pandemic control measures, to stop the steady rise of positive cases in the Philippines.

According to PAL, the following flights are canceled:

March 19
PR 117 Vancouver-Manila
PR 507/508 Manila-Singapore-Manila
PR 100/101 Manila-Honolulu-Manila
PR 102/103 Manila-Los Angeles-Manila
PR 126 Manila-New York
PR 300/301 Manila-Hong Kong-Manila
PR 427/428 Manila-Tokyo (Narita)-Manila
PR 425/426 Manila-Fukuoka-Manila
PR 411/412 Manila-Osaka (Kansai)-Manila

March 20
PR 127 New York-Manila
PR 5682/5683 Manila-Dammam-Manila
PR 104/105 Manila-San Francisco-Manila
PR 658/659 Manila-Dubai-Manila

March 21
PR 102/103  Manila- Los Angeles - Manila
PR 427/428 Manila-Tokyo (Narita)-Manila
PR 535  Manila-Jakarta
PR 110  Manila-Guam

March 22
PR 536 Jakarta-Manila
PR 111  Guam-Manila
PR 421/422  Manila-Tokyo (Haneda)-Manila
PR 437/438 Manila-Nagoya-Manila
PR 5682/5683 Manila – Dammam - Manila

March 23
PR 507/508  Manila-Singapore-Manila
PR 412/411  Manila-Osaka Kansai-Manila
PR 890/891  Manila- Taipei- Manila
PR 300/301 Manila- Hong Kong- Manila
PR 428/427  Manila-Tokyo (Narita)- Manila

March 25
PR 468/469 Manila-Seoul (Incheon)-Manila

March 31
PR 468/469 Manila-Seoul (Incheon)-Manila

Furthermore, PAL states that they will be announcing more flight cancellations once details have been confirmed.

Also, PAL advised the following passengers who are covered by flight cancellation and/or travel restriction within the said period:

  • unlimited rebooking (no rebooking fee) until December 31, 2021
  • Convert ticket to a travel voucher with a 10% bonus, which must be requested on or before June 30
  • Refund ticket without penalties

“If you will be completing your travel by June 30, 2021 (or ticket validity, whichever comes first), there will be no fare difference charge,” PAL added.

Source: GMA News

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