Strict Health Protocols Enforced in PH ports

Strict Health Protocols Enforced in PH ports

MANILA –To maintain strict enforcement of health and safety protocols, Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) General Manager Jay Santiago has directed all personnel, offices, and ports under its jurisdiction, following the directive of Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur Tugade to implement measures that'll curb the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

In a memorandum dated March 15, Santiago directed all the head officials of the Head Office Responsibility Centers and the Port Management Offices to be consistent in their implementation of health and safety protocols within their respective jurisdictions.

“As part of PPA’s continuing efforts to stem the transmission of Covid-19 virus and to protect the health and safety of PPA personnel, port users, and the general public, you are directed to consistently and strictly observe, monitor, and implement in your respective area of responsibility the relevant health and safety protocols contained in PPA issuances, as well guidelines issued by the Department of Transportation and the Department of Health (DOH),” Santiago said.

After Tugade and Santiago made a surprise inspection at the new cargo port in Boracay, the memorandum was issued. Since, in the cargo port, several port users were violating health protocols, such as wearing masks and face shields, as well as physical distancing.

Strictly monitoring port users for minimum health compliance was then ordered by Tugade and Santiago to all PPA personnel.

The so-called “seven commandments in public transport” must be continuously observed in all ports and vessels nationwide, according to the PPA directive.

The “seven commandments in public transport” calls for

  1. The wearing of face masks and face shields;
  2. body temperature checking;
  3. proper ventilation of passenger terminal buildings (PTBs) and offices;
  4. frequent disinfection of PTBs and PPA offices;
  5. frequent handwashing and use of alcohol and sanitizers;
  6. barring PPA personnel, passenger, and port users with Covid-19 symptoms from entering the port, PTBs and PPA offices; and
  7. the observance of proper physical distancing.

Amid the increase in Covid-19 cases in the Philippines, the DOTr and its attached agencies, including the PPA intensified the implementation of safety and health protocols.
Tugade reminded transport personnel to be serious and extra diligent in enforcing health protocols.

Tugade also appealed to the riding public to report any breach in the guidelines to authorities and to strictly follow these measures.

“As operators and drivers of public transport vehicles, you do not only bring passengers from their homes to their workplaces and back. You are also given the responsibility to make sure that they are healthy and safe when they arrive at their destinations,” Tugade said.

Source: Philippine News Agency (PNA)

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