Travelers must stay careful as travel restrictions eased - WHO official

Travelers must stay careful as travel restrictions eased - WHO official

The public should remain responsible and continue to follow the standard health protocols to avoid a possible rise in COVID-19 cases, an official of the World Health Organization (WHO) stated.

WHO Acting Country Representative Dr. Rajendra Yadav made the statement after the country started to accept fully vaccinated international tourists last February 10.

“We encourage de-risking travel which means that we have to take necessary steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection during the travel and after the travel. Blanket travel bans can give a false sense of security and destroy economies,” Yadav said during a public briefing last February 11, based on the report of Manila Bulletin.

“However, we must be cautious about interpreting these easy travel restrictions and quarantine requirements,” he added.

Yadav urged the public and emphasized the importance of following the minimum public health standards.

“Easing travel restrictions and quarantine requirements does not mean that anyone can travel anytime, anywhere they want,” he said.

“We need to follow the minimum public health standards like masking and physical distancing while traveling. Travel only when necessary and keep our safe travels as small as possible,” he added.

(Manila Bulletin)

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