FREE Apps to keep Boredom Away and to Stay Productive

FREE Apps to keep Boredom Away and to Stay Productive

Here we go again with a list of apps that you probably won't even download and say that it is a waste of your time. But wait, this is a different list, I assure you. So stay on the page and read on.

As hours seem to spill into days and days into weeks and weeks into months and then months eventually turn into years, you sit there reading this article and start thinking that this uneventful lifestyle needs to stop and change.

Well, good news for you, hopefully, this will eventually get you out of those pajamas and get into some sweatpants because you're in for a treat.

This list is a compilation of apps that will help you navigate your day, track your habits, and hopefully catch a few skills you wanted to try out this year.



Now, not all people are the morning type. If you're like me, who sleeps till noon, then these apps will surely help greatly.

I can't wake up alarm app

I can't Wake up! Alarm  - Start your day with a blast! Yes, an alarm clock. But a cool one! The "I can't wake up alarm" is a free app that makes waking up to a whole new level. You can fully personalize your alarm from your choice of music to wake up to, to the number of snoozes you prefer. But the gem of this app is the feature where you need to do a specific task to stop the alarm from blazing. Those include either doing some Math questions, finding pairs or scanning a barcode from across the room, and more. Making sure you get out of bed and ready to start the day.

Check your habits, your dailies, and your to-do's, and tune in to a routine. After all, small habits make big changes.


Habitica App

Habitica - A challenge for the day. Everybody likes to challenge themselves and win. Well, Habitica did just that. It is a free habit-building and productivity app. It includes in-game rewards and punishments to motivate you. It comes in retro-style gaming, where you finish a task or a habit to level-up. But if you continue to miss your tasks, the more your hp decreases. You can set a difficulty level for each. The higher the difficulty, the higher the award.
Making tasks and habits a game you can challenge, beat, and level-up.

Before starting work, first is to have the right mindset.


J&J 7 minute workout

J&J official 7-minute workout - Exercising can help improve your memory and thinking. It helps reduce insulin resistance, reduce inflammation and stimulate the release of growth factors. In addition to that, it also improves your mood and sleep, reduces stress and anxiety.
The seven-minute workout fits the bill for squeezing exercise in your schedule in "Habitaca." It is easy to follow through and makes it great for newbies. The app also tracks your performance levels to see how far you've come.

Right, after the simple yet extensive exercise, it's time to get ready for work or school. Try these apps to organize all the things you needed to do.


Trello App

Trello - is a splendid organizational app. Inspired by a Japanese methodology called "kanban." It is a visual workflow to track the tasks needed to accomplish. The app lets you see the bigger picture and the progress you make each time you write a task or a card. It is composed of a list and inside them are cards. You can arrange your cards to your calendar and add team members to your board. That way everyone can see what they need to do and be productive.


Keep notes app

Keep Notes -I know it's not new, but this app does the job. You can sync all your notes here from your phone to your laptop. You can also link them to your google calendar and google task. It's like hitting three birds with one google. You can use it to either be a to-do list, or to set a reminder for a task, or just a vague idea. Keep notes is the perfect digital sticky notes.



Finished your morning work? Great! Now it's time to prepare for lunch.  Instead of the usual quick take-out, how about learning how to cook?

Yummly app

Yummly -  With over 2 million recipes and easy step-by-step guide recipes, Yummly is great for beginner cooks.  You can schedule your desired recipes for easy meal planning and organize your shopping list by checking the ingredients needed. So you won't need to worry about last-minute food shopping or buying fast food, yummly provides easy made recipes that are healthy and enjoyable for you and your family.


Apps to keep boredom away

Afternoons can be a bore. But not if your busy and you try to occupy your time.

Coffee break time!
Check out these cool apps, to stimulate your brain while enjoying a quick cup of coffee or a snack.

Duolingo app

Duolingo - Learning a new language is a cool thing to upgrade your skills. It has many benefits, such as improve your memory, increase your attention span, and more.
Duolingo has earned its reputation as one of the best apps to learn languages for free. Each level has quizzes where you can earn points for correct answers. It also motivates you by giving out rewards and reminding you of your daily schedule with the app. You can choose which language you wish to learn, Japanese, Spanish, French, Hebrew, the choice is yours.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy - If learning is your thing, then khan academy is for you. It's a free platform, where you can learn different courses online like Math, Science, English, and more.  It is a place where you can learn at your own pace, practice with exercises and quizzes given at the end of each lesson. Plus, you can download lessons offline. Learning never stops.


Autodesk Sketchbook app

Autodesk Sketchbook - Art may not be everyone's favorite, but this one is free, so you might want to give that a try. Pass the time by doing something fun while learning something new. Let your creativity run free. Each stroke of color a masterpiece. Each picture a lasting memory. It has tons of brushes and is available on a lot of different devices.  Its layout is easy to understand while giving a professional type of vibe. Create masterpieces with this powerful software.


Done after a long day? Good job! You've done great!

Sleep Cycle Alarm

Sleep Cycle Alarm -  Let's end the day by sleeping. People need to get the right amount of sleep, never too little, never too much. The sleep cycle alarm helps you track the state of this. It will inform you about when you slept, your deep sleep state, and when you woke up. By gathering the data, you can easily manage the bad habits and change them to get the right amount of sleep. This leaves you waking up in the morning full of energy and ready to start the day.



Did I mention, that all of the apps above are free? It's 2021, the year has just started, only a month has passed, time to get on the move and start reaching for the day with a smile and the motivation to do so. Good luck!

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