How I stay productive studying and working my way to be a professional content writer while in home quarantine and as a student in the University

How I stay productive studying and working my way to be a professional content writer while in home quarantine and as a student in the University

Summer Plans

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Summer vacation was just around the corner for all students. Expected plans and a lot of travelling was the events everybody was anticipating.

Yet unforeseen events occurred, namely the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. All plans had been suspended and everyone is now stuck at home, waiting for the virus to come to pass.

Now as a family of eight, I never seemed to find boredom spending time with my siblings and since its summer vacation, we had plans of going out and enjoying it. But our plans are not meant to be.

Due to the coronavirus, a way to flatten the curve is to stay indoors, to quarantine ourselves. Inside our home there is only so much that we could do. So instead of being bored to death, we thought of a way to pass our time and to also be productive even by just staying inside our home.

We all made our schedule for the entire week in order to keep ourselves busy and to not waste the time that was passing by. Our schedules include house work, studies, tutoring, and a skill that we wish to learn or to improve ourselves in. It is a fun activity for the entire family since everybody is involved in helping each other. And also it’s a new experience for everyone and keeps the boredom at bay.

I Chose…

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My love for reading compelled me to start on something I never would have though of. I decided to try on writing. And to my surprise, I enjoyed it. Whenever I’m writing, my mind tends to wander to the deepest parts of my imagination and that is the time when the words come alive.

Since I was writing mostly about the island of Boracay, each word seems to transport me to the actual island itself, where I could feel the sea breeze and look at sunsets. But the big challenge for me was if the readers could also feel the same I do when they’re reading it.

The Challenge

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Before, I was only writing for myself, but when I decided to be a content writer for the summer, I have to take into account the people who were reading my articles. And that itself is a great feat to do. That was when I realized how little knowledge I had when it comes to writing.

A lot of adjustments have to be made, and considering I’m  Filipino, English is not my first language. I had to continuously search for words and their meanings. Both the dictionary and the thesaurus have been my best friends these past few weeks when writing.

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And sadly that is still not enough. The constant rejection of my editor (my father) allowed me to see how shallowly my articles were written. Writing needs dedication and a lot of research. Considering this is my first time writing for someone, I had to read lots of articles to know how they were structured, the perspective that was used and tips on how to write them, basically I was back to square one and it is the most mind wracking experience I had since the suspension of classes in the university.

And along side that is the terrifying deadlines that needs to be followed. I am a master procrastinator like most students are, and deadlines is just another wakeup call for me to show how laid-back I am. Thankful for the schedule we made, managing time was a big factor in skills that needed to be improved.

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The struggles of having a writers block has also been a constant challenge for me. It can happen anytime, anywhere, and there is no way easy to overcome it. Based on scientific research, I find listening to music is a great way to conquer it. Music can help the brain to be creative and in addition to that, it reduces anxiety.

Later on, I found out that the easiest solution for was simply write down everything that is going around my head and no sooner or later, ideas will start connecting then from one point to another.

Being a content writer at BoracayInformer allowed me to see how inexperience I am and to seek out solutions to solve them. It helped manage my time and deadlines and to discipline myself to somehow stop procrastinating. My everyday life has never been more productive than ever.

Beginning with an End Mind

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At this point in time, I still got a lot of work and learning to do in order to achieve the finesse I wish to see in my writing.  A tip from my editor, he told me to begin with an end mind. Stephen Covey once said, “Beginning with an end mind means to begin each day, task,  project with a clear vision of your desired direction and destination, and then continue by flexing your proactive muscles to make things happen”.

Having an end mind means to have a clear vision of what you wanted your work to be. It is the means to see through the entire project your working, the direction and the flow of your work.

Summer has just started, and I planned to be productive, to not waste the time I was given and also to enjoy what I have learned to love doing the most. My journey on being a content writer is quite short but I’m determined to follow through my plans this summer to become better at writing articles and to be accepted as a writer on an online magazine. And it all begins with having an end mind. Quite ironic?……

This principle can be applied to almost everything. Whether you plan on learning a new skill or you would want to learn something new. It is important that you see it through. Starting with small steps will eventually get you to the top of the stairs.

How I stay productive studying and working my way to be a professional content writer while in-home quarantine and as a student at Aklan State University. Let’s all stay productive even while being home quarantined.

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