Boracay, a Muslim-friendly Destination

Boracay is famous not only for its stunning beaches but also for its warm embrace of diversity. The island is home to a thriving Muslim community and offers a variety of Muslim-friendly amenities and activities.

The Boracay Muslim Mosque, located on Ambulong Road in Malay, Aklan, serves as a spiritual refuge for Muslim locals and tourists alike. Organized by the Boracay Muslim Community, the mosque is a testament to the island’s commitment to inclusivity. Visitors can find solace in their prayer times in the peaceful mosque or choose the privacy of their hotel rooms, a preference often favored by Muslim tourists.

When it comes to dining, Boracay doesn’t fall short. The island boasts several halal restaurants, including the Bismillah Halal Turkish Kebab BBQ House in Tambisaan Port and Kasbar Boracay in Station 1. These eateries offer a variety of cuisines that adhere to halal guidelines, ensuring that Muslim travelers can enjoy the island’s culinary delights without worry.

Add to the list Paradise Garden Resort Hotel’s Halal-certified restaurant, Sunset View Resto. It offers a delicious buffet breakfast and buffet dinner with halal-friendly options. Another one on the list is Vintana Asian Cafe at Shangri-La Boracay. Known for its luxurious offerings, this place offers halal breakfast options and can accommodate special requests for halal food at their restaurant.

Beyond catering to the spiritual needs of our Muslim brothers and sisters, Boracay also offers an array of Muslim-friendly activities. The island’s White Beach, Diniwid Beach , and Puka Beach are popular attractions that cater to all visitors. For the adventurous, the island offers adrenaline-filled activities against the backdrop of its gorgeous beaches.

In conclusion, Boracay is a haven for Muslim travelers. From its mosque to its halal restaurants and diverse activities, the island ensures that its Muslim visitors feel at home. So, pack your bags and get ready for a memorable trip to this tropical paradise!

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