Boracay where have all the tourist gone

In the heart of the Philippines lies Boracay, an island that has long been a symphony of laughter, chatter, and the ceaseless hum of activity. But today, it tells a different story—a story not of noise and bustle, but of silence and stillness.

Our journey begins at Caticlan Jetty Port, the traditional gateway to Boracay’s vibrant shores. What greets us is a scene far removed from the usual lively chaos of arriving tourists. The empty chairs and the absence of queues paint a serene yet poignant picture. The quietness is not just a mere absence of sound; it feels like the island is holding its breath, waiting.

As we move through the port and embark on a boat to the island, the changes become even more evident. The boats, usually bustling with excited visitors, sit idle, lined up like silent sentinels of the sea. The journey across the water is contemplative, the ocean’s blue expanse a canvas reflecting Boracay’s tranquil state.

Docking at Cagban Port, the tranquility follows us. The vibrant hues of the sea and the sky blend seamlessly, their beauty unmarred but noticeably quieter. The walk through the port is a stark reminder of the reality that has befallen this island paradise – the usual throng of arriving guests is nowhere to be seen.

The streets of Boracay, once a maze of happy chaos, now echo with a different tune. The e-trikes, which used to weave through the crowds, move leisurely now, their seats mostly empty. The way to Dmall, Boracay’s bustling commercial hub, is reflective. The roads, which used to be alive with the sounds of commerce and conversation, are subdued, almost introspective.

Arriving at Dmall, the contrast is striking. The shops and restaurants, once the heartbeat of Boracay’s commercial life, stand quiet. The absence of the usual crowd, especially at a time when lunchtime chatter should be at its peak, feels surreal. The empty chairs and silent storefronts are a testament to the resilience of those who remain, still hopeful, still waiting.

Our path then takes us to the famous white beach of Boracay. The sand is as pristine as ever, the sea a mesmerizing shade of turquoise. But here too, the soul of the beach seems to be in a pause. The activity providers, usually surrounded by a throng of eager tourists, wait patiently. Their readiness to spring into action for the few visitors is both heartwarming and heart-wrenching.

This journey through Boracay has been a revelation. An island known for its unstoppable energy and joy is now a portrait of resilience in the face of silent streets and empty beaches. It’s a reminder of the fragile beauty of our world and the impact we have on these idyllic places.

But even in its quietness, Boracay’s charm is undiminished. The island’s spirit, embodied by its people and its natural beauty, remains strong, waiting for the day when the laughter and joy of visitors will once again fill its spaces.

As we leave this island, now a quiet shadow of its former self, we carry with us a story of change, hope, and resilience. Boracay continues to wait, with open arms, for the world to return, to breathe life once again into its shores.

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