Pioneering Power: MORE Power’s Transformative Impact on Iloilo City

Since its operation in 2020, MORE Power has ignited a transformative change across Iloilo City, impacting everything from the local economy to the everyday lives of its residents. The company’s focus on upgrading and stabilizing the power distribution network has not only reduced power interruptions but also fostered economic growth, as detailed in their five-year development plan and various analyses.

Electrifying Growth

When MORE Power took over the electricity distribution in Iloilo City, it inherited a system fraught with inefficiencies and high system loss rates, leading to frequent power outages. Since then, the company has introduced significant infrastructure improvements, such as the rehabilitation of substations in key areas including Jaro, La Paz, Molo, Mandurriao, and City Proper, enhancing the overall stability of the power supply.

One of the most notable achievements has been the reduction of system losses from 30% to an astonishingly low of 5.42% as of December 2023. This reduction translates into substantial savings for consumers, who in 2022 alone, injected over PHP 1.01 million back into the local economy through additional spending facilitated by the lower electricity charges.

Economic Amplification

The rigorous anti-pilferage and system loss minimization efforts by MORE Power have also had broad economic implications. According to data analyzed from MORE Power and local economic indices, these efforts contribute approximately PHP 5 billion annually to Iloilo City’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The increased reliability of electricity supply has bolstered the city’s manufacturing and service sectors, which are heavily dependent on stable power supply.

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