Satisfying the Travellers’ Quest for Eco-Friendly Vacation

With extreme floods, droughts, and heat we are experiencing nowadays, the urgency to curb global warming has never been more apparent. And in a world racing against time to combat climate change, eco-friendly vacation and travel is gaining momentum.

Western tourists, in particular, are leading the charge toward environmentally conscious travel. A survey conducted across 32 countries and territories in February 2022 revealed that 78 percent of travelers are intending to stay in eco-friendly accommodations in the coming year. This figure, although slightly lower than the previous year, demonstrates a steadfast commitment to sustainable choices.

The District Boracay’s Green Commitment to Provide an Eco-Friendly Vacation for tourists

Amidst the coconut-fringed shores of Boracay, The District stands tall as a testament to eco-conscious hospitality. This Filipino gem is more than just a resort; it’s a sanctuary where luxury meets sustainability.

Read on as we give you the green initiatives that make The District Boracay a pioneer in eco-friendly hospitality.

The Switch to Solar Power

One of the standout features of The District Boracay is its reliance on solar power as the primary source of electricity. Unlike many resorts still tied to fossil fuels, The District takes a giant leap towards reducing its carbon footprint. The switch not only contributes to mitigating global warming but also translates into cost savings – a win-win for both the environment and the resort.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Solutions

The cleaning regime at The District revolves around eco-friendly solutions, minimizing the use of toxic substances and reducing environmental harm. Breathe in the natural scent of ingredients, knowing your comfort comes with a minimal ecological footprint.

Eco-friendly Room Amenities

Every guest room at The District offers a complete set of eco-friendly amenities, from shampoo to body wash, all crafted from natural ingredients with eco-friendly packaging. By patronizing these products, guests actively contribute to reducing their own carbon footprint.

Local Employment

With 70% of its workforce hailing from the local community, The District fosters a sense of belonging and reduces the environmental impact of commuting. Local employment is not just a policy; it’s a commitment to community well-being.

Sewage Treatment Plant Facility

The resort is equipped with its own Sewage Treatment Plant, ensuring responsible waste disposal in line with environmental regulations. This commitment to proper waste management safeguards the pristine beauty of Boracay Island.

Waterless Urinal (for Public CR)

Conserving an impressive 150,000 liters of fresh water annually, The District’s waterless urinal system not only saves water but also contributes to energy conservation by reducing the need for extensive pumping across the property.

Recyclables in lieu of Disposables

Plastic pollution is a global menace, and The District addresses it head-on. Instead of disposable plastic bottles, guests are provided with environment-friendly refillable water bottles, a small change that adds up to a significant reduction in plastic waste.

LED lights and Inverter Air Conditioner

Efficiency meets environmental consciousness with LED lights in guest rooms and offices. Paired with inverter air conditioners emitting fewer harmful gases, The District Boracay demonstrates that luxury can coexist with sustainability.

In the heart of Boracay, where white sands meet crystal-clear waters, The District Boracay stands as a beacon of sustainable luxury. Choosing this eco-friendly haven is not just a vacation; it’s a pledge to preserve the beauty of our planet. Join the movement, experience paradise responsibly, and let The District Boracay redefine your idea of a green getaway.

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