Northwest Panay Peninsula Park as seen from Boracay

The Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park is a protected area located in Western Visayas which plays a significant role in the ecosystem of Boracay. This natural park is not just a beacon of biodiversity, but it also serves as a vital lifeline, providing water to over 100,000 inhabitants that includes the residents and tourists of Boracay. The forest within NPPNP ensures a steady supply of water all year round by channeling water from the rains into a system of springs and rivers.

Unlike many regions in the Philippines, the Northwest Panay Peninsula still harbors significant stands of lowland primary rainforest. It is the last contiguous lowland forest in the Western Visayas, hosting an impressive array of biodiversity, including several endemic species like the Visayan Warty Pig. The preservation of this natural park is crucial not only for the survival of these species but also for maintaining the ecological balance of the region.

The importance of the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park extends beyond its role as a water provider and biodiversity hotspot. It also serves as a significant carbon sink, helping to mitigate climate change. The park’s forests absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reducing the overall carbon footprint of the region. Therefore, the protection and conservation of this natural park are essential for Boracay’s sustainability and the overall health of our planet.

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