Unlimited Island Travel Guide to HOHO Transfer Service in Boracay

Boracay Informer, your ultimate digital guide to everything in Boracay, is here to introduce a groundbreaking development that’s set to transform your island journey – the Hop-On Hop-Off (HOHO) shuttle service. This service serves as a dependable, efficient, and convenient transfer service in Boracay, ensuring that every moment of your island adventure is optimized.

A Seamless Journey Around Boracay

Reaching Boracay often involves landing at Caticlan or Kalibo airport on mainland Panay Island, followed by a short ferry or boat ride to the island. Once you arrive, navigating through the busy tourist scene can be daunting. But with the launch of unlimited ride passes, this affordable transfer service in Boracay makes commuting hassle-free and efficient.

Introducing Boracay’s Latest Transport Innovation: The HOHO Shuttle Service

Southwest Tours HOHO

The HOHO Shuttle Service is an island-wide transfer solution available from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily. Specifically designed for tourists, this service offers shuttles every 15 minutes, connecting the key points on the island in a seamless loop. Although airport transfers aren’t included, it provides unmatched convenience in exploring the attractions and vibrancy of Boracay.

Affordable Island Adventure with the HOHO Tourist Pass

Southwest Tours HOHO card swipe

Travelers on Boracay can now benefit from new discounted rates for the HOHO Tourist Pass. It’s an affordable option for unlimited travel, offering access to 29 key points across the island. Enjoy trouble-free travel to popular destinations like D’mall, Puka Beach, CityMall, Cagban Port, Canyon De Boracay, and many more.

Here are the newly adjusted rates:

  • 1 – day Pass: Now just ₱200
  • 2 – day Pass: Only ₱300
  • 3 – day Pass: Just ₱400

For those opting for a single trip, a single entry pass is available at a flat fee of ₱50. Note that there’s a card cost of ₱50 per piece.

Navigating Boracay with the HOHO Service Route and Stops

Southwest Tours HOHO routes

The shuttle service includes many strategic stops, ensuring that you have easy access to Boracay’s most famous and exciting locations:

1. Tambisaan Beach
2. Cagban Jetty Port
3. Boracay Rotunda
4. Boracay Grace Hotel
5. Emall Station 3 (access to Swiss Inn, Watersports Activity Area)
6. Station X (Hue Hotel)
7. Azalea Hotel
8. Jollibee
9. Balabag Lake (D’mall Station 2)
10. Bulabog Beach (Watersports Activity Area)
11. Wetland No. 3
12. Astoria Station 1 (Watersports Activity Area)
13. Kolai Mangyan
14. Willy’s Rock
15. Two Season Hotel
16. The Lind Hotel (Diniwid Area)
17. Citymall Boracay
18. Alta Vista (Main Road, Yapak Area)
19. Newcoast (Savoy Hotel)
20. Puka Beach

Claiming Your HOHO Card

Southwest Tours HOHO Card

Upon your arrival at the airport, you can claim your HOHO Card at Southwest Travel’s arrival counter. If not possible, you can pick it up at Southwest Travel’s Station 2 office on Boracay Island, located at Station 2, Brgy. Balabag, Boracay, Malay, Aklan, near D’mall and Jasper Restaurant – Main Road.

Savor the Best of Boracay with the HOHO Shuttle Service

The HOHO Shuttle Service represents a significant leap in the evolution of Boracay’s transportation system. With its accessibility, affordability, and efficiency, it allows tourists to focus more on experiencing the beauty of the island. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or traveling in a group, the HOHO Shuttle Service is your passport to hassle-free exploration in Boracay.