Bugae it Malay cookbook launched to celebrate traditional Aklanese cuisine

A new culinary gateway opens in Malay, Aklan as part of Malay Tourism Week 2023

Boracay, Aklan — In a move that celebrates local cuisine and heritage, a cookbook featuring the traditional dishes of the Malay municipality in the province of Aklan was unveiled last September 21. Titled “Bugae it Malay,” the book was published by the local government unit of Malay through the Municipal Tourism Office as part of Malay Tourism Week 2023.

Preserving cultural heritage and culinary traditions

According to the foreword, “Bugae it Malay” is more than just a recipe collection; it “embodies the shared aspirations of Malaynons in preserving and nurturing its rich cultural heritage and unique culinary traditions.” The book aims to serve as a gateway for promoting both local and traditional cuisine while simultaneously creating opportunities in gastronomy tourism and livelihood.

A tribute to local culinary talent

The cookbook pays respect to the skill and mastery of homegrown cooks and chefs in Malay. It features an array of traditional dishes including Pinayakan nga Agbaeaw, Inubaran Nga Manok, Tinumikan, Baye-Baye, Pinindang, Einabog Nga Eangka, Inumoe, and many more. These vibrant and delicious dishes were also showcased at the Savor Malay 2023 Food Exhibit at Balabag Wetland Park No. 4 during the Malay Tourism Week festivities.

More than just food: a week of celebration

Aside from the book launch, Malay Tourism Week also saw other significant events. The Malay Cooks Association had their induction ceremony, led by Malay Mayor Frolibar Bautista and Krisma Rodriguez, Regional Director of DOT VI.

Music and meetings

Boracay MICE Alliance (BMA), an organization dedicated to establishing Boracay as an ideal location for meetings, incentives, conferences, conventions, and events (MICE), announced Daenniel Fernandez from Palawan as the winner of the High 5 Boracay Songwriting Competition. His composition, “Isla Boracay,” captures the essence of the island’s beauty and allure.

The future of Malay gastronomy

With the launch of “Bugae it Malay,” the local government and communities hope to elevate the profile of Malay cuisine, both locally and internationally, while also providing avenues for economic growth and cultural preservation.

For further information on how to get a copy of the cookbook, contact the Municipal Tourism Office of Malay.

Source: ABS-CBN