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In a significant move to recognize and honor the contributions of various stakeholders in the tourism industry, the Department of Tourism (DOT) has reintroduced the Philippine Tourism Awards (PTA). This prestigious initiative aims to foster a spirit of healthy competition and elevate the standards of excellence within the tourism sector.

During a ceremony at the Philippine International Convention Center on February 2, DOT Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco highlighted the awards as a celebration of the entire tourism value chain’s excellence. She emphasized the vital role of tourism as a major economic pillar, offering employment to millions and supporting livelihoods across the nation. “The Philippine Tourism Awards are a testament to our commitment to recognizing the efforts of our industry partners, ensuring the Philippine tourism sector is globally competitive,” Secretary Frasco remarked.

The PTA is designed to be the zenith of recognition in the Philippine tourism landscape, evolving from the former Kasama sa Lakbay Kaunlaran ng Bayan (KALAKBAY) Awards and Tourism Star Philippines. It seeks not only to acknowledge current achievements but also to pay homage to the foundational figures and innovations in tourism, contributing significantly to the nation’s economic progress.

This year’s inaugural awards feature two primary categories: the Philippine Tourism Pillar Awards and the Philippine Tourism Industry Awards. The Pillar Awards, part of the DOT’s 50th founding anniversary celebrations, aim to honor pioneers and institutions that have been instrumental in the growth of Philippine tourism for 50 years or more. Meanwhile, the Industry Awards will recognize outstanding contributions across five categories: institutional, individual, tourism product, media, and special awards, reflecting the diverse facets of the tourism industry.

Secretary Frasco stressed the importance of inclusivity and equal opportunity in the awards process, with a focus on recognizing community-based tourism initiatives and promoting regional and national achievements. The aim is to uplift emerging and lesser-known destinations, showcasing the breadth of Philippine tourism excellence.

The PTA also reflects a commitment to sustainable practices and the equalization of opportunities at the grassroots level, ensuring a wide-reaching impact that benefits all sectors of the tourism industry.

As the Philippine Tourism Awards move forward, they will undoubtedly play a crucial role in inspiring innovation, enhancing service quality, and showcasing the best of what Philippine tourism has to offer to both domestic and international visitors.

For more information on the Philippine Tourism Awards and details on how to participate or nominate, visit the Department of Tourism’s official website or follow their social media channels.

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