Boracay’s Nod to Innovation: Meet Project BIG A

We all crave vacations for different reasons—escaping daily routines, embracing new cultures, making lasting memories, or seeking thrilling adventures. But there’s one common thread: the need to unwind and relax.

Recognizing the importance of providing tourists with the opportunity to unwind and revitalize , Boracay Island sets its sights on transforming how tourists access essential info for a stress-free journey, ensuring an effortless travel experience for all visitors.

Thus enter Project Boracay Info Guide App, fondly known as BIG-A, a game-changer unveiled this year.

The Essence of Project BIG-A

BIG-A forms the heart of the Boracay Information Guide App, aiming to revolutionize how tourists and locals tap into information. It’s designed to provide round-the-clock, genuine, and up-to-the-minute updates on travel essentials—think latest requirements, must-visit spots, trusted service providers, and much more.

Spearheaded by key figures like Director Jannis T. Montanez, Ms. Michelle N. Belga, Ms. Dorothy Rose J. Palafox, and Ms. Abigail Marie O. Javier, in collaboration with the Public Management Development Program by the Development Academy of the Philippines, this initiative is all about embracing digitalization and innovation. Its ultimate goal? To propel Boracay to the forefront of the country’s tourism landscape through a digital leap forward.

The project was received favorably by many. In fact, just last November 26, 2023, Chief Tourism Operations Officer Mr. Felix G. Delos Santos Jr. shared the wonders of Project BIG-A at the 2nd North Luzon Travel Expo held in Baguio City.

Making the Most of Project BIG-A

Wondering how to dive into this treasure trove of info? Follow these steps:

  1. Get the Boracay Info Guide App from the Play Store (for Android) or visit (for iOS).
  2. Once you land, spot the “Advisories” section (look for the megaphone icon in the upper right).
  3. Click on “Detailed Boracay Entry Procedures.”
  4. Save these details for future reference

For inquiries, reach out to the 24/7 Boracay Information Hotline at 0998 243 1919 (Smart) or 0945 115 3834.

Project BIG-A isn’t just another app; it embodies Boracay’s dedication to crafting an exceptional travel experience. It serves as a one-stop hub, keeping travelers and locals in the loop with updated, reliable information, fostering a more connected and informed travel community.

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