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Boracay owes its vibrant beauty not only to its stunning beaches but also to its reliable source of fresh water. Nabaoy River plays a vital role as Boracay’s main source of this precious resource.

Nabaoy River serves as a lifeline for the island’s water supply. This meandering river collects rainwater from the surrounding mountains and channels it towards Boracay’s water treatment facilities. The water is carefully harnessed and purified, ensuring a safe and clean water supply for both residents and visitors.

The sustainable management of Nabaoy River is crucial to Boracay’s ecosystem. Local authorities and environmental organizations must work hand in hand to protect the river from pollution and maintain its natural flow. Strict regulations must be in place to prevent illegal dumping and contamination, preserving the river’s integrity and safeguarding the island’s fresh water supply. But is this really the case?

Currently, Nabaoy residents strongly oppose the construction of a renewable energy project that poses a threat to the river. While renewable energy sources play a crucial role in mitigating climate change, it is equally important to consider the potential impacts on nature and ecosystems, particularly in Nabaoy River.

The question of balancing renewable energy development and environmental conservation is a complex and important one. It is necessary to take into consideration the following:

Environmental Impact – One of the main concerns raised by Nabaoy residents is the potential environmental impact of the project. Satellite maps shared by the Nabaoy Environmental Defenders showed siltation occurring at the Daeamoan River, indicating potential sedimentation and erosion issues. There are concerns about the disturbance of natural habitats, the impact on local biodiversity, and the potential disruption of the Nabaoy River ecosystem.

Water Source Protection – The Nabaoy River serves as the main source of water for Boracay and Malay. Residents are worried that the wind farm expansion project could affect the quality and availability of the water supply. There have been reports of muddy waters during heavy rainfall events, raising concerns about the sedimentation and potential contamination of the river.

Community Livelihood – Some residents are concerned about the potential impact on their livelihoods. Many residents rely on the river for fresh water shrimps or ulang. There are concerns about potentially affecting patuyaw or catching of ulang once the project pushes through.

Conservation of Natural Areas – The proposed project area is located near the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park, a protected area known for its rich biodiversity. Opponents argue that the wind farm expansion could encroach upon and disrupt this important natural habitat.

Nabaoy River stands as Boracay’s lifeline, providing the island with a sustainable source of fresh water. Its crystal-clear waters, nurtured by the surrounding mountains meet the needs of the island’s residents and tourists. As Boracay continues to thrive as a world-class destination, the preservation and responsible management of Nabaoy River remain essential to ensure the availability of clean, fresh water for generations to come.

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