Love the Philippines

The Philippines has officially retired its long-standing tourism slogan, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”, after its 50-year anniversary celebration on Tuesday.

The Department of Tourism introduced the new campaign, “Love the Philippines“, aimed at expanding the country’s tourism appeal beyond just fun.

The popular slogan was in use for 11 years, having succeeded the “Wow Philippines” slogan in 2012 under the administration of Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr., in collaboration with BBDO, a leading advertising agency.

In 2022, Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco declared it was time to “evolve” and “move on” from the old slogan. Frasco thanked those responsible for the successful and merit-winning tagline.

The new tagline, according to her, takes into account the experiences and hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic, calling for an evolution and progress considering everything the country has been through. The new slogan also represents a more substantial approach to the country’s branding campaign.

Marie Adriano from DDB Group Philippines pointed out a shift in travelers’ preferences, with travelers now seeking more than just leisure experiences.

Adriano emphasized that this necessitates brand enhancement to stay competitive and relevant. A social listening exercise conducted by the group revealed a significant change in travelers’ associations with the Philippines.

“Love” emerged as a dominant theme associated with the country, frequently mentioned globally, leading to the development of the new tourism campaign.