Boracay teen singer to represent the Philippines at World Championships of Performing Arts

Shyra Asister, a talented 17-year-old high school student and singer from Boracay Island, has been chosen to represent the Philippines at the 2024 World Championships of Performing Arts in the USA. Shyra’s musical journey began with a successful audition in Iloilo last November, where she captivated the judges with her mesmerizing voice and excellent performance. This is her second time passing the audition for the World Championships. However, despite her undeniable talent, Shyra faced a setback last year when financial constraints prevented her from joining the World Championships after passing the audition.

In her pursuit of competing in this prestigious event, Shyra has taken to social media to seek financial support. She is reaching out to the community for assistance in covering expenses such as visa processing, airfare, and accommodation. Despite the challenges she has faced in competitions, Shyra remains resilient, drawing strength from the unwavering support of her parents and her deep faith in God. Her passion for music, her dream to become a singer, and her dedication to honing her craft from a young age exemplify her unwavering commitment to excellence in the performing arts.

To help Shyra realize her dream of representing the Philippines on the global stage, contributions can be made through GCash and GoFundMe. Your generosity will not only support Shyra in showcasing her talent but also enable her to make her country proud and embody the spirit of Filipino excellence in the world of performing arts. Join Shira on her journey as she strives to shine bright and leave a mark in the international music scene, not only as a singer, but as a Filipino.

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