AirAsia Boracay is Now Open

AirAsia and Travelonline Team Up to Enhance Your Boracay Experience!

Great news for travelers heading to Boracay! AirAsia, in partnership with TravelOnline, has opened a new AirAsia Travel & Service Center conveniently located on the beachfront of the famed Boracay White Beach.

This new center goes beyond just ticketing. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Seamless Travel Assistance: Get help with flight rebooking, booking new flights to other destinations, or exploring additional travel options, all with the support of dedicated travel experts.
  2. Convenience at Your Fingertips: The beachfront location makes it easy to access the center, placing you near your hotel, favorite restaurants, and exciting activities.
  3. Stress-Free Vacation Planning: TravelOnline’s experienced staff can assist you in finding affordable hotels, planning exciting activities, and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable Boracay experience.

This collaboration between AirAsia and TravelOnline demonstrates their commitment to providing a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience for visitors to Boracay.

Looking for a legitimate Boracay Packages? Look no further than AirAsia’s  Trusted Partner – TravelOnline – their exclusive travel partner in the Philippines and the top seller of Boracay packages since 2002!


Travelonline is AirAsia’s Go-To Partner: As AirAsia’s trusted partner for years, Travelonline operates the official AirAsia Travel & Service Centers (ATSC) in key locations such as AirAsia Festival Mall Alabang and AirAsia Boracay in Station 2. They also represent AirAsia on all major travel expos.


Boracay Booking Experts: With unmatched experience, Travelonline has been the undisputed leader in Boracay packages since 2002. Their dedicated travel experts possess unmatched knowledge of the island, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable vacation.


Hassle-Free Travel: From flights and hotels to activities and local services, Travelonline takes care of everything. There newly opened AirAsia Travel and Service Center in Boracay provides convenient on-site support for all your travel needs.

Boracay is AirAsia’s & TravelOnline’s Top Destination With over 250,000 bookings already confirmed for travel between February and May, the data reveals Boracay remains the most sought-after domestic destination. This surge in bookings reflects Boracay’s enduring appeal, attracting travelers year-round for short getaways or extended escapes.

Experience the Magic of Boracay with Confidence

To provide more convenience, especially for guests who are planning to extend their vacation on the paradise island, the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline’s travel partner – TravelOnlinePH officially opened its AirAsia Travel & Service Center right on the epicenter of Boracay to cater to tourists who would like to either have their tickets rebooked or book other flights elsewhere, find cheap hotels, activities, and other travel offerings, with the assistance of dedicated travel experts. Situated at Station 2, AirAsia’s Travel & Service Center is very accessible to guests since its location is also within close range of mid-range hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and bars.“Guests fly to the island to unwind and spend their holiday and we intend to always make their flight booking concerns hassle-free. TravelOnlinePH has always been an offline reliable partner and we extend our warmest congratulations as they achieve this milestone,” Dailisan added.

Steve Dailisan (AirAsia Head of Communications and Public Affairs and First Officer)

Book your AirAsia flights , hotel, transfers , tours & activities with Travelonline, the official and trusted partner of AirAsia Philippines. Let their travel experts, the Boracay package specialists since 2002, craft the perfect itinerary, ensuring a stress-free and unforgettable adventure in paradise.

Ready to take flight? Visit your nearest Travelonline branch or AirAsia Travel & Service Center today!

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