Filipino Overseas Worker's Boracay Vacation Ruined After Being Scammed by a Travel Agent

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)’s much-anticipated vacation with her family in Boracay was sadly ruined after allegedly being scammed by a travel and tours agent. A tearful Michelle Maglaque, 27, a resident of Malabon, recounted her nightmare-like experience with agent Mark Dave Sumaoang of Daventures Travel and Tours.

According to Maglaque, she is no longer able to contact Sumaoang, who seems to be evading her. She stated that Sumaoang has taken nearly 70,000 pesos from her, an amount she had saved over a long period of time for her family’s vacation.

“What he did to us is heartbreaking. All I wanted was to give my family a vacation, especially my aging parents who have never flown in an airplane, and to have a wonderful experience,” Maglaque told Radyo Todo.

Maglaque did not expect to fall victim to a scammer. She added that they don’t just pick up money in other countries; they work hard and make sacrifices, even if it means being away from their families.

“We don’t just pick up our money. I saved that money, especially since I’m away from my family. He doesn’t know the sacrifices I’ve made,” she added.

Because of this, Maglaque wants Sumaoang held accountable for what he did, as he may continue to scam others in the future.

“I want that person to be held accountable. Because he could victimize others. The image of Boracay’s agencies is being tarnished because of people like him,” Maglaque continued.

Meanwhile, based on the information gathered by Radyo Todo, many have already fallen victim to Sumaoang’s similar scamming tactics. Radyo Todo is also currently trying to contact Sumaoang for his statement to ensure balanced reporting.

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